We use Zoom for communicating during our classes. Here is a quick User Guide to help you get into any meetings you have scheduled and use the system.


  1. Getting your Zoom invitation
  2. Joining Zoom from your computer
  3. Joining Zoom from a smartphone or tablet
  4. Setting up your audio and video
  5. Setting up your view

Getting your Zoom invitation

You'll receive an invitation in your email account asking you to connect with a class via the Zoom meeting software.

  • Hold onto this invitation. You'll need the Meeting ID and password in future steps.
  • To join the meeting, click the blue hyperlink.
01-meeting invite
  • A window will appear stating that the URL wants to open the application. Click "Open URL: Zoom Launcher."
02-zoom launcher

Joining Zoom on your computer

  1. Open up a web browser and navigate to https://www.zoom.us/.
  2. To join the meeting, click "Join a Meeting" in the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. Enter the 9-Digit Meeting ID number from your invitation. You will be redirected to the meeting space.
desktop-join a meeting
04-join meeting-desktop

Joining Zoom on your smart phone

  1. Visit the Google Play Store , and download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app.
  2. Follow the steps to sign up for a Zoom account. You will be prompted to link your Zoom account to your name and an active email account.
05B-smart phone

3. Sign into your account.

05C-smart phone

4. Tap "Join a Meeting."

05D-smart phone

5. Enter the 9-digit ID code from your invitation.

05E-smart phone

Setting up your audio and video

One of the first things you should do when joining a meeting, is adjust your audio and video settings. These are located at the lower left corner of your screen.

Test your mic and video

Click on the microphone and video icons to turn them on or off. When your mic is muted or your camera is off, you will see a diagonal red line over its icon.


Perform a sound test

Ensure your sound is working with a quick sound test. Select the drop-down arrow to the right of your microphone, and tap Test Speaker and Microphone.

testing speaker

Setting up your view

There are several viewing options you can explore during training. You can toggle between these by tapping the icons in the upper right corner of your Zoom session.

06-speaker view

View Controls

You can toggle between speaker and gallery view here. You can also select full-screen to display across your device.

06-gallery view

Gallery View

Gallery View allows you to see everyone in the session.

06-speaker view

Speaker View

Speaker View lets you focus on the presenter only.

more tools

Pin Video

To prevent your video screens from changing during a presentation, you can select Pin Video from more options.

06-individualized viewing

Hide Self-View

This will minimize your video window. The instructor will still be able to view your video, but you will not personally see it. To Hide Self-View, select More Tools > Hide Self-View.



Please visit the Zoom Help Center for Quickstart Guides, video tutorials, and 24/7 support.