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We use GoToTraining or GoToMeeting for communicating during our classes. Here is a quick User Guide to help you get into any meetings you have scheduled and use the system.

You can join a meeting from your computer, though there might be a few moments to set up your computer automatically.

You can also join from just about any smartphone or tablet, but you will need to download an app for your phone or tablet.


Mobile Device Instructions

Get started with GoToTraining on your mobile device by downloading the GoToTraining or GoToMeeting app from the App Store or Google Play.


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Joining Meetings

1. Your Invitation

You will receive an invitation to join a meeting with a link and/or a 9-digit meeting ID. These usually come in an email, but can also come in a chat or text message. It will say whether it is GoToMeeting or GoToTraining meeting.

2. To join:

  • Click on the link sent in the invitation; or
  • Go to GoToMeeting or GoToTraining webpage and click on Join in the upper right corner and enter the 9-digit meeting ID in the invitation; or
  • On your phone or tablet, open the app, click Join and enter the 9-digit meeting ID in the invitation.

3. Be prepared:

  • Join the meeting a few minutes early to make sure you have everything you need

4. Talk and listen

  • Check the online meeting invitation or your Control Panel to see the audio options available
  • You can also use your computer’s mic and speakers, but we recommend using a USB headset for the best experience

5. Know who’s speaking

  • The bottom of your meeting window and the Control Panel both indicate who’s speaking.
  • When you are speaking, meeting attendees will see your name.

6. Interact

  • You can mute yourself when you’re not speaking. The host can also mute you or all attendees.
  • The easiest way to share your webcam is to click the button on the grab tab. Or you can click the Share My Webcam button on the Control Panel.
  • Pause and resume your webcam by using the icons in the top-right corner of your webcam feed.
  • If you are muted or don’t want to interrupt the speaker, you can use the chat feature to communicate with the group, the host and/or other individual attendees.
  • The host can make you the presenter or give you control of the shared screen. When you’re the presenter, additional controls will appear on your grab tab.

7. Leave the meeting

  • When you’re ready to leave a meeting, click the icon at the top of the meeting window. You’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to leave.




The GoToTraining and GoToMeeting support center is available 24/7 to help you troubleshoot and answer questions.

If videos are your thing, check out these GoToTraining Quick Start or GoToMeeting Quick Start lessons.

You can also download and print this user guide here.