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As long as customers keep buying products, they’ll need people who can answer questions, process returns, and make satisfied customers. You could be this person and put your talent to work helping others. Watch this short video to learn more about the great opportunities this training offers.

What makes this a HOT Job?

  • Call center jobs are expected to grow by 39% between now and 2024.
  • These are good careers with bonus opportunities and competitive wages.
  • You can get ahead with company-paid training and reliable career advancement.
  • Work your way, with a stable schedule, flexible hours, and work-from-home options available.

Jobs You Could Get

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Can I do it?

 Are you reliable?

 Do you like helping people?

 Love solving problems?

 Want a great career?

What You'll Learn in Class

  • Professional phone communication
  • Database navigation
  • Sales strategies for phone work
  • Customer service fundamentals
  • Working with challenging customers
  • Managing inbound and outbound calls

You will need:

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Staff Information

Class Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED/HSED (or at least actively working toward it)
  • Computer literacy assessments using the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment ( with the following scores:
    • Basic Computer Skills - 30 correct out of 38 questions
    • Internet Basics - 24 correct out of 34 questions
    • Using Email - 20 correct out of 32 questions)

If you have customers who do not meet these scores, refer them to the Basic Computer Skills MOOC for a guided introduction to computers. They need to have these basic skills to participate in and complete the training. Enter the results of the assessments on the registration form.

  • Type at least 15 words per minutes (WPM) using  There are tutors on this site to help customers improve their speed if they can't meet the 15 WPM initially.

Enter the results of this assessment on the registration form.

  • Resume (it doesn't have to be perfect, but we need a draft to work with). Upload a Word format copy on the registration form.

Class Structure

The class will be a combination of live, streamed sessions and individual modules. Classroom time is 20 hours a week (5 hours a day for 4 days) with 8 hours of homework each week (2 hours per day). The total class hours, then, is 120 hours  of instruction time and 48 hours of homework.

Seek out volunteering or job shadowing opportunities with  local business or non-profits so learners can see how the skills they are learning in the classroom translate to the working world. In addition to  local call centers, United Way runs call centers for the 2-1-1 system, as do county Income Maintenance agencies. 911 call centers might also be an option.

Equipment and Supplies


  • Computer with high-speed Internet connection for approximately 5 hours per day. (They can share a computer for the live, streamed portions if they are in one room.)
  • Microsoft Access, Skype, and Chrome browser for the class
  • Microphone and headset
  • Webcam

Other Supplies:

  • Notebook
  • Pocket folder or binder
  • Highlighter
  • Pens
  • Posterboard
  • Magazines for cutting
  • Paste or glue sticks
  • Scissors

Download and Print:

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