Vincent Cherry

As a former middle and high school teacher, education is important to me, particularly when it is leading to gainful and rewarded careers. I have over 20 years in employment in training and I particularly enjoy working within Forward Service Corporation as the mission held by the company is my passion! I have the opportunity every day to help individuals become aware of the possibility of who they can become.

Korissa Diehl

I have worked at Forward Service Corporation for years and love what I do! Training, teaching, and empowering others to find their goals is what I enjoy most about my job. I have over twelve years’ experience in working in non-profits in Brown County and am currently attending UW-Oshkosh to earn my bachelor’s degree. We can all do hard things! I am excited to try new adventures and opportunities alongside all those that join my classes.

Linnea Grunewald

I have more than 15 years of training experience in the classroom and online. I bring a positive life-can’t-stop-me attitude to the classroom. The best part of training for me is to see my learners discover, perhaps for the first time, how valuable and skilled they are in both the workplace and their personal lives. That moment when they become aware of the hope and opportunities for their future and make that conscious decision to embrace it is a life changing moment.

Michelle Magoon

For more than 20 years, I have dedicated myself to inspire, educate, and motivate people from all walks of life.  I have a passion for finding “out of the box” solutions for otherwise puzzling circumstances as well as learning about my customers and helping to develop their skills and confidence in them.  FSC has been a great place to utilize my skills, passion and vision all in one place!  I hope to meet you and help you to discover the possibilities of fulfilling your goals and aspirations.

Crystal Mogged

I have passion for working with individuals to help them think outside of the “box” to realize their potential and achieve their goals. I am customer focused and always looking for innovative ways to connect with and meet customers where they’re at. FSC is an innovative company whose Impact Code is in tune with my beliefs. I am honored to be able to introduce a program that I believe in to potential participants. Come see what FSC can do to help you unleash your potential.

Maureen Mukka

I have been a vocational educator and trainer for more than 15. I have a passion for helping other identify their strengths and how to put these to work for achieving the future they want. In my professional history, I’ve worked with a diverse group of learners, from working with youth to adults and senior citizens. I put this experience and my positive attitude to work in every class at Forward Service Corporation. I want you to feel welcome and ready to learn here at FSC.

Kaylee Griffin

Hello! My name is Kaylee and I have been training learners of all kinds for more than five years. I love training because I enjoy helping people develop the tools they need to reach their goals and become bigger, better, and smarter. FSC is the perfect place to do that for my community, all while learning and pushing myself to grow along with my customers. Throughout my career, I’ve taught in a probation office, in university classes, in a residential facility, and at FSC as a Skills Instructor.