Job Search Essentials Course


If you're looking for a job, you need to take this course. Put your best self on the job market by beginning with a strategic job search all the way to following up after an interview. Check out all these great classes:

  • Planning for Your Job Search
  • Writing Resumes and Submitting Applications
  • Sailing through Online/Computer Applications
  • Ace Your Interview
  • Nail Your Elevator Speech
  • Master Telephone Interviews
  • Who Are You on Social Media?
  • Close the Deal: Interview Follow-Up

Financial Wellness

Managing your money is important for you. Learn some strategies for getting the most from your money on the way to your financial dreams.


Why Budget?

They say your attitude determines your altitude. Join us to explore how you feel about money.


Banking 101

Explore the world of banking and learn how to make your money work for you.

Budgeting 101

Get started on building a budget that works for you. No matter how much you make - you deserve a budget for your financial goals.


Credit and Debt 101

Understanding how credit and debt work is key for financial wellness.

Ask Forward Service Corporation staff how you can enroll in these classes, and let the learning begin!

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